Surviving the Pandemic

The title may be a little misleading as there is no surefire way to survive what’s going on in this world. So instead of acting like I know and understand exactly what to do in this situation, I will instead just list some things I’ve done to keep my mind occupied and to keep myself from totally losing it.

Working from Home

  • While my physical office is shut down, I am still responsible for working from home. Set up a place to do your work. I don’t have an office but I try to set up my laptop in places that have the most light and the least noise.
  • I change my working space throughout the day, normally starting in the living room and moving to the bedroom. This helps me to not get too stagnant.
  • I break up my workday. There is no more working 8-4pm when I’m home, especially with my Baby Hawks to look after. I will put in a few hours in the morning, more in the afternoon, and a couple hours in the evening if necessary.
  • To-do lists have always been my friend and I still rely on them to have a visual representation of what I need to do. When it comes to getting the house clean and in order, that to-do list is taped to my dining room wall so family members can also see what needs to be done.
  • The TV stays off in my house now, at least until after lunch for my littles. But I typically don’t have it on during my “work hours.” My phone is normally on silent as well.

Home Schooling

  • Use your older children to help teach their younger siblings. Every day, I have my 11-year-old take my 5-year-old and help her practice writing her letters, numbers, etc. This gives me at least a half-hour of solitude.
  • Give yourself a break. Not every day is going to be filled with scholastic work and well-structured lesson planning. There will be days when you just don’t have the energy. Embrace those days and vow to do better the next day.
  • Look for ways to tackle multiple lessons with one assignment. If you’re reading to a younger child, review colors and shapes; identify characters and setting; ask your child questions about what’s happening in the book, their predictions for the end of the book, etc.
  • Print out worksheets for free here. The worksheets are split by subject and grade and it’s a great substitute if your child’s teacher didn’t send home a packet of work.
  • In school, they have recess and leave the classroom for PE, music, art, etc. Keep that consistency at home. For music, teach them a new song or have them write their own. For art, look at places like Pinterest or Michaels for suggestions for art projects.
  • Virtual field trips, while not as fun, can still be a great way to escape from the traditional work. Many zoos, aquariums, and museums have provided live footage or virtual tours on their websites, for free. Check out this link for a list of virtual field trips.
  • Not all teaching comes from books. If you are able to stay home with your babies, this is a great opportunity to teach them life lessons that you might not normally have time to teach them like washing dishes, cooking small meals, ironing, etc.


  • Eating is important. I find myself not having the energy to make myself something to eat until dinnertime and I know that is not healthy. Whether you are hungry or not, when you feed your children, make a small plate for yourself as well.
  • Physical activity, in all forms, is key. There is sure to be a spike in obesity during this pandemic as some people will find it all too easy to sit around and eat. Self-quarantining, or mandatory isolation, is not an excuse to not move around. Make it a family affair and incorporate a family walk outside, or yoga session indoors. Sex is also great exercise so do it, and do it often!
  • Take care of your hair, skin, and nails. I know our salons are closed but try your best to wash and style your hair, keep your nails clean and trimmed, and maintain your skincare routine. If you don’t have one, adopt one.
  • Family and spouse time. Being sequestered in a house together doesn’t automatically equal quality. Set aside time after the housework, conference calls, and studying to play a game with your babies or snuggle for movie night with your significant other.
  • Read a book. I am an avid reader, especially of fiction. It’s a fantastic way to escape from reality for a while. If you have a tablet or computer, download apps like Overdrive or Cloud Library that directly link to your county’s library system. You can borrow books for 7, 14, or 21 days. Poll your friends for book and author recommendations.
  • Utilize virtual meetings. Most offices use virtual platforms like GoToMeeting and Zoom to communicate with staff. They can also be used to communicate with friends. Some of these platforms have free 14-day trials so sign up, grab a bottle and have a virtual happy hour, book club, game night, or whatever.

Hope these helped!! Drop your suggestions in the comments.

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