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Mothers’ Hidden Secret

I first became a mother in 2009 to a gorgeous little boy who still brings a smile to my face. The first year he was on this Earth, I didn’t take the time to really enjoy being a mommy because I was so consumed with making sure I did everything “right.” I wanted to feed him the right foods, make sure he was bundled up in the cold, and make sure I brought him around other babies so he could learn to socialize early on. Different things go through the minds of mothers, and parents in general, when their children first get here and for some mothers the birth of a child triggers something deep and dark inside them.

Watching the news this evening, I heard about a woman who attempted to kill her children by driving them, and herself, into the ocean. Fortunately, her son realized what was going on and waved for help out the backseat window. The children and mother were saved and when they all went to the police station the children called their mother “crazy” and a “lunatic.” In this instance, aside from psychological damage, no one was hurt. But there have been too many stories of mothers that have killed their children in the past and for this to still be a problem bothers me.

My take on it is that these women suffer from some sort of mental illness that, when left untreated, results in a tragedy. They say the first step is admitting you have a problem but have we created an environment where people feel safe enough to admit that there is a problem? 

Without that safety net of feeling like you have support for your affliction, it’s hard to open your mouth and admit that there might be a problem. In Black communities especially we sweep issues of mental illness under the rug and are sometimes told to just pray any unease away. I am a strong advocate of prayer but I know that God has placed professionals on this Earth to assist with prayer. That’s why in the Bible it’s clearly written that “faith without works is dead,” other things need to take place for change to happen.

If the first step is admitting you have a problem then the second step is seeking help for that problem. There are TONS of resources out there in the form of support groups, ministers, psychologists and more. If there is a next step in the process, it would be to believe that you can get the help that you need. I want to believe that anyone can be saved from themselves. I can’t hear about another woman killing her own children. 

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